Be Retirement Ready

Most people think planning for retirement is all about ensuring there is sufficient funds available to live comfortably for the next 30 years! But we know that it is the non-financial factors that have the biggest influence on your health and happiness in retirement. Find out if you’re ready using our quick assessment tool. 

Retirement can be one of the most stressful times of your life as you transition from a work orientated life to one in which there are a whole new range of opportunities.

But how do you maintain your identity and what purpose will you have in life now that work is finished?

SMART Retirement has online courses and a book which concentrate on all the non-financial aspects of retirement. We will help you develop retirement plans and goals that go beyond a ‘bucket list’, so that you start dreamlining. Find out why a SMART Retirement online course or book is the missing piece in your retirement puzzle.



Today’s retirement is far different to that experienced by our parents and grandparents. Baby Boomers will most likely live to experience 20-30 years in retirement and they understand and know what they are retiring from but generally not what they are retiring to.




You will discover that your roadmap is empty and it will be up to you to fill it in with your desires, and all the things which will allow you to live with no regrets. At the conclusion of the 2 day conference style workshop you can confidently walk away with your personalised Roadmap for Freedom.



To be bored is to retire from life!!!

Retirement is overflowing with opportunities and the time to experience those things you have always wanted to but never had the time to do.



Having an overall plan for the future makes handling the inevitable life transitions a lot easier.


Successful retirees are optimistic about the future and try to look at the positives in each situation.


Successful retirees make good use of their time, balancing out both fulfilling and time filling activities.


Successful retirees continue to strive for achievement & cherish victories both large and small.

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How it works

SMART Retirement delivers all the knowledge you need to be retirement ready in three ways; a practical and enlightening guidebook, via online courses or a 3 month mentoring programme.


The online courses range from the ‘How to be happy and fulfilled in retirement – Mastery Program’, where you walk away with your comprehensive written road map for freedom,  to individual modules to be completed one topic at a time. You can explore the online courses here.

The SMART Retirement mentoring programme includes a two day workshop style conference with hands on activities and dreamlining experiences, mixed with presentations from high profile people, experienced retirees and subject experts.  This along with opportunities to participate in dreamlining and other experiences identified during the workshops will be provided in the following three months.


Who it’s For

If you’re 55 and over you may have already retired or be considering retirement but are unsure of what the future holds or how you will feel, think and what you will do when you take the big step into your next adventure; then the SMART Retirement programme is for you.

Corporations, Businesses, Public sector, Government
In an age where health and wellbeing opportunities are increasingly important to employees worldwide, the SMART Retirement package could set you apart from your competitors who are stuck in the dark ages. Use SMART Retirement to provide a point of difference and be seen as a preferred employer.




Report card

I feel so many people identify completely with their job, its sense of self-worth and the day to day routine of going to work with a pay cheque at the end. For them the lack of structure in retirement erodes their self-image, there is no real reason to get out of bed of a morning and they cannot think of what to do during the day. What most people need is the familiarity of routine, build on the things they enjoy doing and have done in the past and incorporate them into your life- Robyn - Nurse 73
My role with the Fire Brigade was fulfilling, challenging, frustrating and totally exhausting. The operational role provided excitement, stress, at times fright, and a sense of identity and purpose. Post retirement took a little getting used to. The hardest thing for me was the loss of the feeling of satisfaction I got from doing a job well, the positive feedback I would get from my stations and personnel, and the loss of contact with a large number of work acquaintances- Wayne - Elite Fire Rescue 65
I have not fully retired as I chose my hobby to become my part time job. It might not pay a lot but it helps my self-esteem, keeps my mind active and give me a purpose in life. I think if you give yourself a little break when you first retire to work out what you really want to do is a good idea.- Kim - Art teacher 63