Dare to Retire Free is an enlightening guidebook, they distil decades of wisdom into a practical, step-by-step framework. With engaging worksheets, insightful guides, and thought-provoking activities, readers are empowered to craft their unique roadmap to a retirement filled with joy, fulfillment, and boundless freedom.

Online Courses

Our e-learning programme offers 11 different courses, ranging from our comprehensive mastery course ‘How to be happy and fulfilled in retirement’ where you walk away with your personal Roadmap for Freedom, to 10 individual courses that make up our mastery course.  Choose the one that suits you best.

The individual courses are:

  1. How to be happy and fulfilled in retirement – Mastery Course
  2. Retirement – It’s just a name
  3. Discover the new you – Self Worth
  4. What now?
  5. Playmates not Work Mates – Social Networks
  6. Use what you’ve got – Skills and talents
  7. Now you have the time
  8. Will I still love them? – Relationships in Retirement
  9. Working for fun – other work options
  10. Rightsizing and the paperwork
  11. Living Well – Healthy Ageing

Retirement is the perfect time to focus on how you want to feel, think and; to do what you have always wanted.

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