The SMART Retirement programme and book is for those people aged 55 and over who may be considering retirement as well as those people who have already retired but, for what ever reason, retirement turns out to be different from what was envisioned.
For those who have already retired, but not as successfully as one would like, the SMART Retirement programme can assist you in refocusing on who and what really matters so that your later life is better than you could imagine.

Corporations, Businesses, Public sector, Government
Are you as an employer providing retirement planning for your workforce?

In this age where health and wellbeing support is increasingly important to employees, the SMART Retirement mentoring programme could set you apart from your competitors and demonstrate your understanding of and your commitment to the Better Later Life 2019-2034 Strategy as released by the New Zealand government.

The New Zealand workforce continues to age with nearly one in four people aged 65+ in some form of paid employment, but as detailed in the Strategy – Better Later Life 2019-2034, the majority of employers are not well prepared for an ageing workforce.
Many industry sectors already have significant proportions of older workers, but as the population ages there will be increased demand for older workers as the proportion of younger workers decreases in the total workforce.
The Strategy also points out the financial contributions the 65+ population contributes to the economy with $50 billion of consumer spending and $13 billion in taxes. (in 2016 dollars)
Better Later Life 2019-2034 emphasizes a number of actions that will be needed in respect to the older workforce including the need for employers to consider and respond
to the impacts of an ageing workforce on their businesses and future workforce. Businesses are being called upon to play their important role in ensuring their older workforce is not only financially secure but also prepared for better later life.

Use SMART Retirement Mentoring Programme to provide a point of difference and be seen by employees of all ages as a preferred employer.

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Retirement is the perfect time to focus on how you want to feel, think and; to do what you have always wanted.

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