Are NZ businesses supporting employees prepare for retirement?

We know at least 70.000 New Zealanders reach the age of 65 each year and other than financial planning we do not know what well-being planning is done in the workplace to ensure successful retirements. Through businesses, we are conducting a survey to explore the experiences and concerns of individuals who have recently retired or are progressing towards retirement.

Please complete the 21 questions below. The results will be confidential and you will be provided with the anonymized report when it is completed.
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2. How many employees are in your organisation?(Required)
3. Gender breakdown of employees % (Approximately)
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4. Does your organisation provide information on retirement to employees other than superannuation information?(Required)
5. Does your organisation provide retirement planning courses for employees?(Required)
6. If yes, what courses are provided?
7. If yes, How are courses provided?
8. At what age should employees begin to prepare for the health and wellbeing aspect of retirement?(Required)

9. Do employees in your organisation discuss retirement issues other than topics related to finance and superannuation?(Required)
10. If yes, is this more prevalent in?
11. In your experience, what are the biggest concerns employees in your organisation have surrounding retirement? Please rank 1-6
12. In your experience, what do employees in your organisation say they look forward to most in retirement?(Required)

13. In your experience, do employees in your organisation express concern about how relationships in their home will be affected by their retirement ?(Required)
14. In your experience, do employees in your organisation express worry about the loss of their identity or status in retirement ?(Required)
15. Do your employees ever discuss their health concerns heading into retirement and if so which aspects are of most concern?(Required)
16. As employees approach retirement, do you notice any of the following changes in attitude? (Tick all that apply)(Required)
17. Did anyone in your organisation take an unplanned or premature retirement due to Covid-19?(Required)
18. Did your organisation provide any additional support for people who retired during the Covid-19 pandemic?(Required)
19. Have the changed ways of working, including remote working due to the pandemic, altered the way you engage with employees on the subject of retirement?(Required)
20. If you answered yes to the previous question, what age group(s) prefer to work remotely in your experience? (Tick all that apply)
21. In your opinion, should the Government collaborate with employers and employees to create awareness campaigns to highlight the need for retirement planning other than financial planning?(Required)
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Retirement is the perfect time to focus on how you want to feel, think and; to do what you have always wanted.

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