Dare to retire free. Take off for a fun-filled not time filled retirement, it’s more than the money




“Dare to Retire Free” is a captivating journey into the uncharted waters of the emotional and psychological side of retirement. When the authors beloved family member lands in hospital on the very first day of retirement, they are inspired to transform adversity in to opportunity and revolutionize retirement planning.

This book covers a wide range of topics and helps you plan for the best years of your life by:

  • Identifying what gives you your sense of worth and purpose
  • Anticipating potential relationship issues that may arise and plans to avoid them
  • Mapping your social network – to plan for support networks and friends following retirement
  • The importance of health and exercise in retirement
  • Planning your day in retirement to avoid common issues such as loss of structure and purpose
  • Utilizing your existing skills in retirement or learning new ones
  • Exploring work options – volunteering, part time work, consulting and more
  • Evaluating downsizing options and looking at the paperwork

In their enlightening guidebook, they distil decades of wisdom into a practical, step-by-step framework. With engaging worksheets, insightful guides, and thought-provoking activities, readers are empowered to craft their unique roadmap to a retirement filled with joy, fulfillment, and boundless freedom.

But Kristin and Di’s impact goes far beyond the pages of their book. They create the groundbreaking SMART Retirement Mastery Course, a transformative online program that garners accolades and awards. Their unwavering dedication earns them titles like ‘Best Online Retirement Planning Course Provider– Australasia’ and ‘Most Empowering Online Course Provider,’ solidifying their status as authorities in the field.

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